Figuring how much concrete you need can be problematic!

        Below are some calculators to help you, But first some advice!

  1. Take careful measurements of the area that you will be placing the concrete
    (measure the area, do not assume it is the size you wanted)
  2. subgrade - the bottom layer of what the concrete will be on top of
    Ideally undisturbed ground, (since this is not always practical for elevation & drainage issues)
    Be careful to remove lose soil & dirt, what ever is added for leveling reasons needs to be very well compacted!
    Dirt & soil do not compact well, it is advised to remove loosened soil & replace it with material that can be well compacted!
  3. Subbase - layer of aggregate used to level the area that will be under the concrete
    Subbase - layer should be even & well compacted so the concrete placed will be an even thickness!
    If the subbase is a course aggregate be aware that the voids will consume some of the concrete!
  4. Be careful of waste while placing the concrete & where there may be overflow!

Note this form uses javascript for the calculations

Slab & Wall Calculator
Width feet  inch   

Length feet  inch   

Depth / (thick) feet  inch   

Area =  ANSWER  Cubic Yds.   

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Column (cylinder) Calculator

Height feet    inch  

Diameter feet    inch  

Area =    ANSWER  Cubic Yds. 

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